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WHY I LIKE THIS VIDEO: Kurosawa was a master filmmaker, relying on image to convey his emotions. How he captures emotions with this imagery is conceptually brilliant. I could watch this video a hundred times and always learn more.

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Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

November 02, 20231 min read

Meet Indiana Jones, globetrotting college professor, star archeologist, fedora model and longtime hater of snakes. Steven Spielberg and George Lucas’ whipcracking treasure hunter was a throwback to the heroes of 1930s serials, and the first of their Jones movies feels like a series of cliffhangers: Will Indy escape the cave with the booby traps and rolling boulders? Can he rescue Marion Ravenwood and the ark of the covenant from the Nazis? How’s he going to get himself out of that pit of writhing serpents? Rarely have such vintage thrills and spills felt so timeless, though the chase scene in which Harrison Ford hangs off the front of a moving truck remains the epitome of Eighties movies’ derring-do.

Steven SpielbergRaiders of the lost arkharrison ford
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Michael Mandaville

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