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CCP Warships Maneuver Against US Allies

Chinese Maneuvers & Fiction Writing

July 04, 20244 min read

I truly enjoyed Tom Clancy's books which involved technology, military settings and geopolitical maneuvers on a global scale. My "Stealing Thunder" book series uses these elements too in a global plot to start a war and - as usual - take power.

But I am seeing the pages of my book - not all of them but plenty of them - unfold in the Western Pacific more and more. For those who study the geopolitical world of military maneuvering, here is a directory of China's PLAN (People's Liberation Army Navy) warships.

Chinese Military Movements and Their Implications for Global Stability

In a recent development that echoes the tension-filled pages of a Tom Clancy novel, Chinese naval forces have demonstrated provocative maneuvers near the Philippines and Japan. According to a detailed report from the U.S. Naval Institute, the Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong has sailed perilously close to Philippine waters while other Chinese warships continue their operations near Japan. These actions underscore the growing aggression of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in the Western Pacific, raising alarms among geopolitical and military analysts.

The Western Pacific has long been a hotbed of strategic importance, serving as a crucial maritime corridor for international trade and military operations. Think about how much oil and other essential raw materials transit the strategic Straits of Malacca and the South China Sea to American allies like South Korea, Japan and the Philippines. The recent activities of the Chinese military in this region are not just routine exercises; they represent a calculated show of force aimed at destabilizing American allies. This aggressive posturing is part of a broader strategy by the CCP to assert its dominance and challenge the existing power dynamics in the region. Essentially they are saying, "We are a force to contend with and you should listen." The CCP is projecting power with its navy.

Fiction Meets Reality in Geopolitical Thrillers

For readers who devour technothrillers and are captivated by the intricate power plays within global superpowers, these real-world events offer a chilling backdrop. My books, much like those of Tom Clancy, weave together elements of military strategy, geopolitical intrigue, and internal political drama within the CCP. They explore scenarios where power struggles within China's military and political hierarchy could lead to significant global consequences.

One of the fascinating aspects of writing technothrillers is the ability to project current geopolitical trends into future scenarios. By analyzing the strategies and motivations of key players, authors can create narratives that not only entertain but also provide insightful commentary on potential future developments. Fiction allows us to explore the "what ifs"—what if a faction within the CCP decided to take a more aggressive military stance? What if internal strife led to a power vacuum that destabilized the region?

Every military creates scenarios for 'what if' situations so that their training, thinking and strategic response is ready on a moment's notice.

These speculative scenarios serve a dual purpose. They engage readers with thrilling, action-packed narratives while also encouraging them to think critically about current events and their possible outcomes. By imagining how today's conflicts might evolve, we can better understand the complexities of international relations and the importance of strategic planning.

China's Nine Dash Line map shows their claims in the South China Sea to strangle the navigational freedom of this area for the other nations.

China's Nine Dash line shows their Wester Pacific Agression

Addressing Geopolitical Issues Through Storytelling

Storytelling has always been a powerful tool for addressing complex issues. Through the lens of fiction, we can explore the ethical, political, and social implications of military actions and geopolitical maneuvers. Technothrillers, in particular, offer a unique platform to dissect the motivations behind aggressive policies and the potential fallout from unchecked power struggles.

One has to only reflect upon the 911 terrorists who conceived the plan to attack across the US on September 11, 2001. Their attack had the three impactful attributes: Dramatic, Economic and Symbolic. They used simple weapons and terror to accomplish their ends.

In my books, I strive to create a balanced portrayal of all sides involved, highlighting the internal conflicts within the CCP as well as the broader international ramifications.


The recent movements of Chinese naval forces near the Philippines and Japan are a stark reminder of the ongoing geopolitical tensions in the Western Pacific. For technothriller enthusiasts, these events provide fertile ground for exploring high-stakes narratives that mirror real-world conflicts.

If you're intrigued by the intricate dance of power, politics, and military strategy, I invite you to explore my books and join me in imagining the future through the art of storytelling.


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