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WHY I LIKE THIS VIDEO: Kurosawa was a master filmmaker, relying on image to convey his emotions. How he captures emotions with this imagery is conceptually brilliant. I could watch this video a hundred times and always learn more.

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Actiongram: Develop Judgement

March 12, 20240 min read

Actiongram: Small Action, Big Results

Development Your Judgement. The ability to know the consequences of your action in a short-intermediate-long term time frame. Societies also call this "wisdom" which is usually the result of a long-life or an intense life. By intense life, one might be strong adversarial consequences (soldiering, danger, adventure, etc.,) where a lot of life experiences about humans and human behavior is gained in a short time.

Develop Judgement by becoming aware of other's judgement about situations, transactions and most importantly how people use their judgement to interact with you.

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Michael Mandaville

Michael is a writer, filmmaker and dedicated World War II historian who studies martial arts, action films and is learning more about VFX every single darn day. Oh and a Scholar Warrior

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