My name is Michael Mandaville.  I am a Filmmaker, working on the “Taken” series, directing my own films and webseries.  I am a Writer, finishing my own novels, non-fiction and scripts.  I am a Martial Artist who has been in Kenpo Karate for the last 35+ years.  I majored in Philosophy so I think too much.  Together, here, I am sharing Insights, Resources and Methods for you to become your own Creative Explorer.  I believe we are all Creators of our own Destiny.  And Explorers of new Paths to benefit yourself, your community and humanity. 

Become your own Scholar Warrior.  Join Me.

What is a Creative Explorer?

Creative Explorer Definition

  1.  A person who would normally be a hyphenate such as a Writer-Producer-Director-Actor but has other interest that inform their primary ambition.
  2. A Person keenly interested in Creativity in many forms such as artistic expression as well as business entrepreneurship.
  3. A Polymath – but some Creative Explorer don’t like that because they don’t like math.

Am I a Creative Explorer?

Creative Explorer Self-Analysis

  1. Do you see connections between various competencies or skills?
  2. Do you intuitively or consciously connect the dots between two skills?
  3. Do you like the approach away from a Specialist and toward a stronger Generalist?
Virtual Reality at Venice

Virtual Reality at Venice

Virtual Reality is an avenue of filmmaking which has been a bit elusive for me.  The technology is there and flourishing in many ways - though talking with an associate who is deep into this world - the chaos of emerging new tech has made it an unpredictable future. ...

Film Production, COVID and Insurance

Film Production, COVID and Insurance

I have been reading articles, talking with insurance companies, bond companies and others about insurance industry for Indie Film Productions in the US. The challenge is that Indie Films need the required insurance to cover a film when it is funded through the Indie method of Banking-Minimum Guarantees-Equity-Distributor-Completion Bond.

What is a Creator?

What is a Creator?

In many cases, the word "Creator" has an overwhelming meaning. After all, we reference "The Creator" when one is thinking about religion, god, in the beginning of the universe. Those are pretty big shoes to fill! What is a Creator? cre·a·tor | \ krē-ˈā-tər  \ : one...

Auto Draft

Auto Draft

Routine: Waking up Early I have gotten into the habit of becoming an Early Riser.  This is particularly challenging in today’s world of pandemic where the usual required and obligatory routines ie work, school, etc., are either diminished or eliminated.  Now stock day...

“Mastery” by Robert Green

The book, "Mastery" by Robert Greene, is a fascinating compendium of masters throughout history who utilizes various techniques to learn their craft and become Masters.   Taking, for example, Leonardo Da Vinci, we can see how the apprenticeship structure played a key...