Creative Explorers! “Structuring Your Novel” is one of my favorite writing books. This is my second book because I plan wore out the first one after many, many years of use.

What I Like About It:

Firstly, the books is neatly organized by topic in a “How To” format.  You can flip right to that section. “Basic Conflict”, “Right Viewpoint” “Exposition”, “Characterization”, etc.,
Secondly, I also very much liked the “Craftsmanship” (parts 1 and 2!) and the Symbolism approach.
Thirdly, I enjoy each section which has numerous bullet points so that I scan the advice easily and quickly.  For instance, I quickly read a section on character development – and then got back to writing my character!

Techniques Abound

For instance, Technique: Keeping it handy means that I can pop it open.  I like to do sorandomly or consciously, find a few points and read them before writing.
Writing has such a vast breadth and depth to technique and strategies that I’m always learning more and more.

“Structuring Your Novel” on Amazon

Book Structure

First, “Structuring Your Novel “shows you how to employ the techniques used by professional novelists.

Secondly, a very useful too for writing a novel of your own. The book includes Fourteen elements of structure, for instance, all the ones found in most successful novels.

Thirdly, the book describes describes and illustrates through excerpts from seven popular works.  The books range from Henry Fielding’s epic tale Tom Jones to Harper Lee’s modern classic To Kill a Mockingbird.

Classics as Examples

In this regard, one can refer to these classics and feel confident of a writer’s direction, style and method.

From the very first chapter, the exercises in this book get you started on your own novel and guide you in developing your theme, refining your plot, rounding out your characters, and completing your story.