In revising my novel “Journey”, I am using a Technique which I call ”Thematic Realization”. In essence, I have the theme of ”The usual world thrown into imbalance.”
The Style of my Novel: I was very influenced in writing this novel by my teenage hero Albert Camus as well as the magical realism of “100 Years of Solitude” by Marquez. ”Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole was an amazing book.
Setting: A secluded yard in a Los Angeles suburb pretending to be in India.
Section: A character named ”Mrs Kravitz” discovers an electrical cord is plugged into her yard and she yanks on it.
Now reviewing my novel ”Journey” for the fourth revision, I wanted to incorporate more thoughtful and philosophical elements. The question to me was how to do so at certain points with more subtlety. In various places, I do write up the philosophical elements of the story. The story, after all, is about Life, Death, Meaning and Luggage.
The major changes that I made here:
1. I wanted the cord itself with the real world comparison to stand alone here with familiar Keith Richard’s reference and the efforts of the great fighter Muhammed Ali. She is so angered by the theft of her electric plug that she draws up this strength. So I wanted the emphasis on the real world effort but then went back in time to Man vs. the Mammoth.
2. Time – my novel goes back and forth in time to blur the notion of time. While the story takes place over 7 Days, the journey itself spans centuries of history and thought in each country.
3. Theme: ”Balance” has the sense of harmony which we all very much want. Yet in the world of chaos comes opportunity and a measure of character in dealing with adversity. So I emphasize that the Balance was upset. But it was upset because the character, Harry, used the outlet when he should not have done so. He was searching for a solution but the wrong one.
I liked the comparison with beasts. The moment that a flash flood occurs is a life changing moment if one is downstream. And that the human frailty of greed (or in Harry’s case indolence) throws the balance of the world off.
4. The geography was muddled to me and I wanted to make it clearer to the reader for the sequence of evens.
5. Finally, Mrs. Kravitz is rebelling against her own very isolationist nature. Again, throwing the world – her world – off balance.
6. I like coming back full circle to the familiar world of the child’s stitches and then the corks. Something is offer here but good for now. More fixes coming.
I’m pleased with the changes and pressing on with 3 to 5 more pages of revisions each day. Have a good day Michael Mandaville