VIDCON, the premiere online gathering for Online Video, is FREE.  You merely have to register to get into their Virtual Gathering.  I have gone for the last 7 years and it’s an amazing place to learn about Online Video, connect with people and hear the stories about success – and how to take failure to keep going.


The VIDCON gathering has the Community, Creator and Industry badges.  I found that Creator was good at $150, but that Industry at $600 was overpriced.


A previous 2018 summary on VIDCON

VIDCON is the premier Online Video conference which is at the Anaheim convention center June 21st through June 24th.  I will be live blogging the conferences that I attend here and on my website at https://lnkd.in/gFeGXbe.    You can sign up for my newsletter there too.

Over the last decade, the rise of Streaming and alternative viewing platforms like smartphones and tablets has significantly shifted Viewing behavior, cost factors, marketing and more.   People have so many stories to tell and will not longer be limited by the gatekeepers of traditional media like TV and cable.  Even within the boundaries of traditional and professional level media production, the costs of production are, by necessity, going to have to come down to levels meaningful for profitable distribution.

Marketing has shifted dramatically.  Looking at recent films like “Pirates of the Carribean 5” and “Baywatch” demonstrates how social media buzz is a powerful mechanism for reaching, engaging and encouraging an audience.  Even more than an audience, a discussion about the project which is authentic.




Here is one of my articles from #VIDCON2016.  



The collision between YouTube and educators is a fascinating subject.  How does Youtube figure into the world of education?   Five popular YouTubers have drawn from their own personal and professional experience to create videos for education in physics, art, literature and other sciences.    Their journeys into the educational world have been unique. 

Education and YouTube might seem like contradictions because you have the primary focus of Entertainment  in YouTube and Education with a focused interest.   An early questions was how to bridge the gap between the teaching focus and the learning focus.   A question was brought up that there is a difficult road to walk between two particular mandates.   Do you make stuff that help people really learn – even though it’s hard work?  Or entertain and have them THINK that they’re learning?  The second gets you page views and keeps you working and moving forward and upward.   The former will probably cause you to lose viewers.  Furthermore, Derek of Veritasium (veritasium.com) noted that the ”Khan Academy clearly falls on the formal learning side.  But our videos are probably on the informal learning side.”

A few of the participants, including Jacob Salamon of Wisecrack who said that we are ”building lifelong learning.  That’s one reason that we based our videos based upon the philosophy and literature curriculum.  Literature, philosophy, satire, etc.,  So that people will watch videos about the books that they would read in school – Lord of the Flies, To Kill a Mockingbird…”


Sarah Urist Green runs a video channel where she engages artists and explains various types of art such as the ”minimalism movement, Yoko Ono and other artists.”   She said that video can energize museums which are in decline, especially when video overtakes the world.   Derek noted that Museum labels have such crap like  ”This art explores the tension between man and the natural world in light of colonialism…”     The crowd roared with their understanding of the pompous labels used to explain modern art nonsense of two coat hangars sitting on a chair with a ribbon.    Sarah, however, wrote such crappy labels and noted that they had a list of prohibited words like  ”didactic, interrogate, etc.,….”    After the dissection of art with pompous presentation she said, that she ”Feels like we’ve entered a therapy session.”


Article on the creation of Wisecrack and Jacob Salaman’s entrepreneurial journey.


Veritasium – a video website focused on Physics.  Note Derek’s fascinating background.