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Build Transforming Habits: Cats. Masters of Indifference

October 30, 20236 min read

We are surrounded by Creatures Who Gives Us Examples of a Better WorldFor the most part, I was always a ‘dog person’, given that the dogs in my life - Bear, Mattie, Schatze, Toto and more exemplify enormous qualities that I admire. Loyalty. Comfort. Enthusiasm. Ferocity. The old story is that, when God was separating man from the animals, that dogs jumped to the human side. I read recently that when a dog sees its owner, then the dog’s heart actually synchronizes with its owner.

Now cats , of course, are a different animal. Check out their Diaries.

So I was not much of a cat person until we got two cats with one called “Bogie”. One year, my parents both died, along with my brother-in-law, more relatives, another major family challenge, etc., A very long year.

Bogie somehow felt a huge void in my system, my heart, my energy. When I sat on the couch, he’d walk over, up on the arm of the couch, around my neck and climb down on my lap to lay his paws over my leg. Then I would tickle his belly, triggering his immediate hunt for the culprit. And every time was like the first time. He crawled up onto me when I was sleeping and more. He provided great and enormous comfort in a time of need.

Humans dangerously prefer more logic from their “Inner Roommate” voice. We seem to bounce off the concept of ‘Energetic Beings” from time to time with our vernacular and intuitive sensibilities. For example, how about these sentences. Recognize any?

  • “That person has positive vibes.”

  • “They had love at first sight.”

  • “Right away, I didn’t like this person and I was right!”

  • “I’m getting negative vibes”.

  • “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

We have strong “intuition” which people tap into for their human interactions. A terrific book on personal security Gavin DeBecker’s “Gift of Fear.” Simply put, those hairs on the back of your head? Pay attention to them. The bad guy may have a smile and an outstretched ‘friendly’ handshake offer, but something just ain’t right!

One easy and obvious example of our Energetic Being is “Enthusiasm.” The first inside which drives us to achieve even thought the logical inner voice says over and over and over: “You can’t do this,” “You’re not good enough” and more.

Enthusiasm is Energy that defies odds and drives through barriers.

In Building Transforming Habits, you can recognize the role your Enthusiastic Energy plays in your personal goal trajectory.

Bring on the Cats!


Where dogs offer an inordinate amount of enthusiasm, loyalty and energy, cats are quite different with their independence and indifference. I believe that all God’s creatures have an energetic field of being and you can watch YouTube videos about humans who played a significant part in the life of a wild animal. When reunited, the animals and humans go nuts with affection. This is Energy.

The Exercise that I have been working on is “Don’t Meddle” which in essence means the following to me:

  • Do not invest so much in pre-ordained outcome > Be open to other opportunities and paths

  • Get out of my “Inner Roommate” Logic Apartment > Be outside in the universe where there are billions of Opportunities

  • Don’t exert control over uncontrollable items > Go with the Flow

So I did an experiment with my cats, Rooster. If I give her attention, she frequently just runs away, not just indifferent to my affections, but disdainful. But if I have the inner place of “Balance, Indifference to the Outcome, Open to the Moment Presence”, with my hand dangling like an enticing treat, she will come up to me. She senses the indifference - and then she nudges my hand. The funny part is you pick up a cat and they squirm to leave. Sit on the couch for five minutes and suddenly they are on your lap.

What the heck does this mean for us humans, Michael?!!

When you have a need for more money, love, career goals, etc., you are projecting this energy need outward into the world. You are, in effect, saying that I have this lack of money, love, success, etc., and I want to fill it. Fine. I get it.

In the universe, things work quite a bit differently when you are aware of your energy. Note that you must think in terms of ‘energy’ and be aware of ‘energy’ and its place in the universe. Has the following ever happened to you, a family member or a friend of yours?

They search high and low for companionship and love, growing frustrated by every blind date, dating app and more and then, resigned to a life alone, find that very love. They gave up and then love appeared?


The Universe is in a state of neutrality and balance. We talk about our Inner Balance between work energy and family energy and more. I researched this topic and found this entry about the Zero-Energy Universe (Wikipedia):

The zero-energy universe hypothesis proposes that the total amount of energy in the universe is exactly zero: its amount of positive energy in the form of matter is exactly canceled out by its negative energy in the form of gravity.[1] Some physicists, such as Lawrence Krauss, Stephen Hawking or Alexander Vilenkin, call or called this state "a universe from nothingness", although the zero-energy universe model requires both a matter field with positive energy and a gravitational field with negative energy to exist.[2] The hypothesis is broadly discussed in popular sources.[3][4][5] Other cancellation examples include the expected symmetric prevalence of right- and left-handed angular momenta of objects ("spin" in the common sense), the observed flatness of the universe, the equal prevalence of positive and negative charges, opposing particle spin in quantum mechanics, as well as the crests and troughs of electromagnetic waves, among other possible examples in nature.

You may have to read a few times. I did. But if you think about and believe that the universe reaches a zero-energy universe, that water finds its own level and other phenomenon, electricity has positive and negative, etc., The universe has enormous duality to gain balance. I think so. You are still able, as of this writing, to think and believe for yourself on your own terms. But as energetic beings, we are held accountable to scientific guidelines too.

So while cats exhibits their mastery of indifference, we too can do this when we have a goal. But the “Indifference” to the outcome means that we will not be so focused on one specific outcome that we miss great paths and opportunities to fulfill our goals.

Work on not meddling in your own goals. Yes, have a goal but with a certain feline Master of Indifference sensibility.

Remember that you have that “Inner Roommate” who logically tells you not to succeed in your thinking apartment on Brain Avenue. Get outside the brain and try intuition, enthusiasm, indifference and just not meddling on where your energy will take you.

Think of it as the Great American Road Trip. On the open highway driving. “Hey, what’s that over there? Let’s check it out.” If you detailed every moment of every day on your vacation, you would have no spontaneous fun at all. Humans need variety and spontaneity and creative discovery. That’s how we get to where we want to go.

But when you go out into the world to explore the day, you suddenly more and better opportunities. With some degree of ‘indifference’, you may find your path.

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Michael Mandaville

Michael is a writer, filmmaker and dedicated World War II historian who studies martial arts, action films and is learning more about VFX every single darn day. Oh and a Scholar Warrior

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