I went to Luxembourg and did the final signing for my citizenship papers in this country.  I discovered that I could get citizenship through my ancestry. Since I have long done genealogy and have a database of over 5000 relatives, I had remembered that they were in Luxembourg at least for a few generations. So that compelled me to check out the dual citizenship in Luxembourg.

The Bierger Center is where I signed my citizenship papers!

I also went on to discover that my great great grandmother had at least eight or nine relatives born in Luxembourg.

For anyone knows history, the area of Luxembourg was part of the Holy Roman Empire for 1000 years. Then after that hello Napoleon ravaged Europe for about 20 years, they have the Congress of Vienna. This Congress resettled borders and disputes and made Luxembourg its own country. That was in 1815. 


So after a relatively brief waiting very, I will have Luxembourg citizenship. The great thing is is that I don’t have to actually learn Luxembourg and switches a challenging language in Franconian German!

I am a Luxembourger!