In this article on IndieWire, the author examines how Independent Filmmakers would use the Facebook platform to leverage themselves into an audience.  

Producer Dan Schoenbrun, Kickstarter’s former outreach guru for filmmakers, said Facebook has become almost useless for up-and-coming artists. “[It’s] difficult for emerging artists without corporate ties or deep pockets to reach an audience [on Facebook],” wrote Schoenbrun. “Facebook’s entire business model is predicated on creating an increasingly monetized barrier between you and your audience.”

One notable filmmakers, Qasim Basir, leverage the platform for his first film “Mo0s-lum”  has seen Facebook diminish notably.    Another filmmaker, Sondhi, had various experiences with their latest film and had two conclusions:

One, those effectively using Facebook’s video player had to put a tremendous amount of work into keeping up with trends, keywording, headlines, and A/B testing. Two, Facebook was unreliable.

“People were doing well when Facebook decided to prioritize video, but building a brand and community on top of assumptions is dangerous when the carpet can get pulled at any time,” said Sondhi. Ultimately, Sondhi decided he didn’t have the staff or stomach to ride the Facebook wave. Last month, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg confirmed the company recently deemphasized video shown in the News Feed. This led to a 5 percent drop in time spent on Facebook, but served the company’s larger mission of prioritizing social interactions.