Dawn Karen Roberts – Programs and Events Coordinator and Client Relations

Programs and Events Coordinator and Client Relations

I have worked with Michael on various productions for over 15 years.
He is highly experienced in all facets of film and video production. His strengths are budgeting at any level, union or non-union, legal film requirements, implementing the cutting edge of new industry technologies, and post production, utilizing his experience and talents to cut costs while maintaining a high quality of picture in addition to a having great sense of humor. I highly recommend Michael.

Elizabeth Crowens – Author & Freelance Journalist

Author & Freelance Journalist

Michael was great. I did several independent features where Michael was either the UPM or Line Producer and I worked as a Unit Still Photographer. Honest, fair, great personality. I would recommend him to any producer who needs a competent person to run the show.

Frank Kostenko – Computer Vision Engineer

Computer Vision Engineer

Michael is a true professional. With limitless energy and drive, total dedication to our projects. He is one of those unique individuals I’ve worked with during my twenty-plus yr managment career who sets the performance standard for everyone. I look forward to seeing what he accomplishes next in his truly inspirational career! I also hope I might work with him again someday, for I believe I would be the better man for it.


Jeff Varga – Producer/Director, Emmy® Award Winning Editor

Producer/Director, Emmy® Award Winning Editor

Michael’s always got a handle on the situation and doesn’t let things slip. You’re in good hands when he’s running the show.

Steve Gregan – Owner, Waterfront Sound

Owner, Waterfront Sound

Mike Mandaville is the personification of professionalism. Hie is thorough, exacting, and conscientious…while somehow maintaining a wicked sense of humor…Mike is huge asset to any team. I hope to work with him again soon.

Billy Greenfield – Motion Picture and Commercial Producer

Motion Picture and Commercial Producer

I really like working for Michael when I get the chance. He’s on top of the details, but not overbearing. He really knows the film business but he also lets you do your job without micromanaging (as long as you’re doing it right.) When you’re not doing it right, he makes sure you know the right way in a professional, thoughtful manner.

He’s also a really good person with a fun personality who makes me laugh, which is helpful when we work the long hours we do. I don’t always agree with Michael on everything, but he’s fair.

Ray Griggs – CEO RG Entertainment

CEO RG Entertainment

Michael is a regular Renaissance Man, exceptional at his work but has many talents. Would be honored to work with him again! -RG

Charlie Otte – Sr. Show Producer, Universal Studios

Sr. Show Producer, Universal Studios

I was lucky enough to have Michael Mandaville line producing for the game, “Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail,” and he was an organizational wonder. Michael works hard, puts in long hours, and is on top of every detail. He is smart, forward thinking, and a great problem solver. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again.

Donna Parish – Hot Flash Films

Hot Flash Films

Michael is very realistic regarding budgeting film. He provided great ideas of saving money in one area so I could really get what I wanted in another area

Nanci Roberts – Art Director’s Guild

Art Director’s Guild

Michael Mandaville is one of my favorite people in the industry. I work with him every chance I get. He has this rare quality of being in charge but making everyone feel like they have a major part in the production. He creates a working environment where everyone wants to do their best. He’s a master of negotiating a win-win situation that leaves you feeling like you have a genuine solution. He’s one of the most trustworthy Line-Producers in the Entertainment business. He gets things done and keeps a wonderful sense of humor. I never have seen him rattled even under ridiculously difficult situations, which in turn keeps the entire cast and crew on an even keel. His relationships with the unions and bond companies are outstanding. His understanding of budgets and what is really imperative is extraordinary. If you get a chance to work with Michael, you’ll want him on every project.

Dan Reardon – Pres. Peak Distribution Partners, LLC

Pres. Peak Distribution Partners, LLC

Michael Mandaville is one of the smartest people in the film business.
He is my go to person for any complicated production management and or completion bonding issues.
He is realistic, honest, hard working, a team player and fun to have around.

Edward Bates – Producer/Director/Writer


Michael is detail oriented, exact in his work and extremely honest. I would hire him again and again and again.

D.J. Ritchie – Production Sound Mixer

Production Sound Mixer

I have worked as a production sound mixer for Michael Mandaville since March 1995. All of the shows that Michael has line produced have been run efficiently and were very well organized. He has always treated me fairly and is very loyal to crew he has worked with in the past.

Cathy Vlasuk – Production Coordinator

Production Coordinator

I worked with Michael as the Assistant Production Coordinator on the feature film “Taken” starring Liam Neeson. He is one of the best Line Producers I have ever worked with. We had many challenges on this film, working with an all French crew, time difference between the United States and France and much more and Michael handled it so well coming in on time and under budget. I would work with with Michael again in a second. He creates a very enjoyable environment even in very stressful situations. He is really great to work with as well as work for.

Sara Anne Fox – Owner at Fox-Editswork

Owner at Fox-Editswork

Michael is a detail-oriented, efficient and tireless producer and creator. His mind is brimming with ideas on how to make things better, always aiming for the most creatively satisfying experience for all.

John Hart – Pres. John Wm. Hart III Insurance Agency

Pres. John Wm. Hart III Insurance Agency

No matter how complex the situation, Michael has always been able to keep calm, focus at the task at hand and at times find creative solutions. These are perfect qualifications for someone in production or any business. Besides all that…he’s a nice guy too!

Sam Urdank – Photographer


Michael is as capable a line producer as you can get. With his positive solution seeking attitude there is no fire he can not put out. He brings his deep understanding of the working mechanics of the film making process to make each project he involves himself in a success. He is personable and generally has a glass half full outlook, always looking to do his best to help his crew perform their job at their best.


Michael Mandaville received a Master's Degree from USC in their prestigious Professional Writing Program, attended the BA program for Columbia College and received a BA from UCSB in Philosophy. Additionally, is a media Producer, Writer, Director, and Adventurer. His credits span across 8 novels, over 50 Film & TV Productions and as many screenplays.

michael mandaville


Culver City, CA