My Book – “Stealing Thunder”

A John Blaine Series

“Stealing Thunder”

In Beijing, People’s Republic of China (PRC) masters are locked into two factions struggling in a deadly power game which could start or stop a new Pacific War. American President Adams presses on to resolve the crisis in the Pacific where Chinese nationalists are confronting the Japanese navy over the disputed Senkaku Islands.

In these dangerous waters, an American submarine captain tries to trace a rogue submarine which has been sinking ships all along the vital South China sea, causing American allies like Taiwan, South Korea and Japan to convulse at their vulnerability. But the sea is dark and Captain Nally strains to tell ally from enemy. The risk to all is China’s growing desire to assert itself throughout Asia as its preeminent power.

FBI Agent Blaine is now chasing former KGB Colonel Konev across America, sniffing out the forgotten Soviet sleeper network that Konev has activated. These people, long planted among ordinary Americans, will do his bidding without question. Stalin era sleeper agents?

American Carrier Battle Groups, led by the USS Roosevelt, transit the Straits of Malacca past Singapore and take up station in the South China Sea. A confrontation with Chinese naval vesels appears imminent.

And an assassinatin attempt on the President throws turmoil into a harsh wind. But Blaine presses on, untangling Konev’s intricate web.

Chinese warmongers welcome the American navy in their waters – right into their trap. The Chinese navy has merchant-destroyer ships, much like the German’s merchant raiders of World War II. “We will destroy American naval power in the Pacific with my merchant destroyers,” says Admiral Shouhe. “First, we must have war with Japan. And make the Americans abandon them.”