Routine: Waking up Early

I have gotten into the habit of becoming an Early Riser.  This is particularly challenging in today’s world of pandemic where the usual required and obligatory routines ie work, school, etc., are either diminished or eliminated.  Now stock day traders have on the West Coast have to be up at 530am – because they have motivation to make money.   What is MY WHY for getting up early?

1.  Sunrise is a great psychological boost.

2.  An early morning perspective to set up my day gives me a psychological boost on the competition – whether that’s my former self or real competitors.

3. Mental Break with the past – I generally always got up at 8am or so – with some exceptions – but not usually at 6am on a volunteer basis.  I got a great mental boost to break with my past.  I’m creating my new self.

4.  Building a daily habit will work in my favor for greater accomplishments.

5.  Develop the Art of Sleep.  Same time. Wind down. No screens. Read a book. Drink Sleepythyme tea sometimes.

6.  Drink a quarter of water upon rising because sleep dehydrates and makes me tired in the morning.

7.  Priming Routine:  I have a routine to start the day, outside, movement, affirmations and gratitude.

A great book that helped me was the “The Morning Miracle”.