Being who you are creates confidence, inspires integrity and allows one to take risks.  By understanding your own unique Values and Principles, you can better convey your unique understanding of the world and feel confident doing so in your Art. As Creative Explorers, one of our greatest Artistic Achievements is Ourselves. 

”Authenticity” comes from ”Authentic”.   A key strategy with language is to examine the definition of a word and not assume its meaning and, perhaps, make a strong realization about its meaning.  The definition below is from the Merriam Webster Dictionary.   I put the Definition as the last item down below so that it resonates in your mind last with your new thoughts.

1.  Authenticity is muddled and lost.

We must balance an Inner Self with an Outer Self.   But then we bend in order to ’fit in’ with expected social circles, success, acceptance, love and career.   In some ways, we must get along with (conform is too strong a word here) others to exist in society.  We strive to found our own Place.  When one is an Artist, then Clarity of Purpose becomes Key. 

Technique: The Grid Book

I use a Grid book (one of my videos) to write, over and over, my Goals, Ideas, Thoughts and Purpose.  I will doodle, think, brainstorm, wander off a bit.  And then I’ll ’rewrite’ that page with the items that I like and believe in on a New Page.  Repeat. 

Result: Clarity of Purpose and Place

By writing down my Ideas, etc., then they become concrete and specific.  Then I toy with them.  Good?  Bad? Indifferent?  I have discovered that I may be emotionally drawn to a concept – such as really getting good on my electric guitar – but then realized that I will be happier and more creative by writing songs within my limited musical skills.  In other words, while I had music training in college and played piano, fluter, guitar and bass, I chose Filmmaking and Creative Writing over music.  Just my preference.  But in writing lyrics, I am working with WORDS which I love to do.  And when music does ring in my head once in a while, then I feel that I am right where I want to be.  I feel that I am mentally, intellectually and emotionally Authentic.

And while writing this brief article, I add more words to a song that I am working on.  It’s a Good Day.

Read, Reread, Think, Embrace and Live the Definition: 

Definition of authentic

1a worthy of acceptance or belief as conforming to or based on fact

paints an authentic picture of our society

B conforming to an original so as to reproduce essential features

an authentic reproduction of a colonial farmhouse

C  made or done the same way as an original

authentic Mexican fare

2  not false or imitation : REALACTUAL

an authentic cockney accent

3  true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character

is sincere and authentic with no pretensions