IMO, a Fight Action should be unique, meaningful to the plot and, if possible,  character driven.   

In the films that I’ve worked on like the ”Taken” series, ”American History X”, etc., the script conveyed action in a laconic manner – and was later fleshed out in relation to the actual location and shot lists.  Shane Black was masterful in writing his action moments together with strong characterization. 

A script which is meant for potential Financiers, Distributors and more should convey those characteristics in the manner which builds the most enthusiasm.  If there is any detail in the fight scene, then it is the unique moment(s) of that fight that you want to fire the reader’s imagination.  The reader=financier, producer, talent.  e.g. a visually stunning moment.  I got the script from the writer for Lethal Weapon 3 (I think) with the surfboard scene killing the bad guy.  That was described. But otherwise, too much description slows down enthusiasm of the Reader.  And you don’t want to slow down enthusiasm for financiers, producers, talent IMO. 

Lethal Weapon 2 Surfboard Scene was a unique and highly stylized way to knock off one of the bad guys.  I was checking on the script to see how it was written or not.